Self employed

From electricians to plumbers to hairdressers to contractors, we have mortgages that can work for your clients.

We offer mortgages to sole traders, Ltd Company Directors and partnerships with 2 years trading considered.
Self employed and need a mortgage?

We assess self employed applicants on their individual merits, taking a sensible view on their income.

Income requirements:

  • For Limited Companies, where applicants have more than a 33% financial stake in a business, we may consider their proportion of net profit and salary over the most recent years rather than their dividend income.

  • The most recent SA302 or online HMRC Self Assessment Return can be accepted showing:
    - The tax calculation, showing the customer’s self-reported income and the HMRC calculation of the tax due on that income and;
    - The tax year overview, showing the total tax due and how much the customer has paid in tax.

  • Alternatively, the latest audited accounts (prepared by a Certified or Chartered Accountant) may be accepted to determine whether the income appears reliable.
  • An accountant's reference or other corroborative information may be required.

Mortgages are considered subject to full underwriting and meeting our lending criteria.

Accountant's certificate form

Offset Mortgage

  • Our Offset mortgage is ideal for those that have high earnings and have to put cash aside in order to pay tax twice a year. They could benefit from using this money to offset their interest payments on their mortgage.  
  • We are able to offer term reduction and payment reduction options on their mortgage, calculated against their savings.

Find out more about our Offset mortgages.

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