Criteria matches when it counts

At Family Building Society we manually underwrite our mortgages using common sense (and our ears!) to make sensible lending decisions. This approach, coupled with our flexible criteria, has helped a wide spectrum of intermediaries find solutions for their clients, no matter their circumstances. Tell us your clients' story and see what we have to offer - you may be surprised!


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We could also help your client in these circumstances:

  • Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) – when your client has a family member who can support their mortgage repayments, even if the relative will not be living in their property
  • Holiday homes – when your client intends to purchase a holiday property for their use but it may be rented when they are not in occupation
  • Second homes – when your client’s work requires them to live away from their main residence we may be able to consider a loan on a second home
  • Tied accommodation – when your client's in or moving to accommodation linked to their employment, we'll consider applicants wanting to rent their property until their employment finishes
  • Expatriate mortgages – when your client is a UK national working abroad or a foreign national working in the UK, from an acceptable country of residence. Some restrictions apply
  • Armed Forces – when your client is a member of the Armed Forces serving in the UK or overseas, and the property has been or will be their main residence in the future