Networks & Packagers

We understand broker networks and their important role in supporting independent intermediaries with the product offering available to their clients.

And if you're a mortgage packager, we're also keen to work closely with you to develop a partnership beneficial to you and your clients.

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Broker networks

Many of the intermediaries we work with are members of broker networks spread across the country, gaining access to wider support, processes and buying power to support their business. We know broker networks are particularly helpful with smaller and independent intermediaries to secure the ideal products for their clients and retain ongoing relationships.

If you represent a broker network, Family Building Society are open to discussing new relationships and showing you how our products can help your members, including potential for additional or exclusive benefits. Contact us on 01372 744155 to find out more or ask about our network rates.

Mortgage packagers

We sometimes work with mortgage packagers to provide additional, more targeted avenues for client applications to our products - particularly for the more unusual cases where our manual underwriting may be able to help. As many packagers concentrate on a limited number of lending partnerships, we can provide the personal service and support you require to progress your applications with us and get to know our processes or criteria in-depth.

You can also submit business via the following packagers: Manor Mortgages (inc. Manor Mortgages Direct), Complete FS, Platinum Options, Brightstar, TFC Homeloans (All Money Matters), Brilliant Solutions, Impact, Connect For Intermediaries, Dynamo for Intermediaries, Mortgages for Business, Positive Lending, Specialist FS, The Mortgage Trading Company, Knight Funding, and 3MC. Procuration fees via these routes may vary.

Contact us on 01372 744155 to find out more or ask about our packager rates.