Our calculators help you to see how we could help your clients quickly and efficiently - from affordability to offset capability.

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Affordability Calculator

Our Affordability Calculator is based on ONS data and has been designed to assist you in understanding how much your owner occupier client may be able to borrow.

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Buy to Let Calculator

Much like our Affordability Calculator, our Buy to Let Calculator allows you to find out how much your client could borrow with one of our Buy to Let products.

Our short Buy to Let calculation is measured against your client’s background and experience as a landlord, alongside intended monthly rent earned from the property. The calculator will show you how much we’d be able to lend to your client.

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Maximum Term Calculator

We offer generous mortgage terms where others don't.

Use our calculator to find out the maximum term we could offer to your client depending on their age.

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Offset Mortgage Calculator

Is your client an owner occupier with additional savings or a supporting family member? They may be able to use one of our Offset Mortgages.

Depending on how much the client or their family member can contribute to an offset account, and the product you choose, we’ll provide adjustment options. The Offset Calculator will show how much your client can reduce the balance of their mortgage, or by how much they could reduce their monthly repayments, depending on their needs. 

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