Maximum Term Calculator

Use this calculator to work out the maximum term available depending on your client's age, including remortgage, Buy to Let and Interest Only products.

Please note, we usually only consider earned income to age 70. After the age of 70 we can consider pension income, investments, net rental income and potentially other forms of income. Please contact your BDM or our Mortgage Desk for more information.

When they need a mortgage that goes on a little longer

Maximum term calculator

We would not be able to offer your client a loan because borrowers must be aged 18-90 years old to match our terms

Note our regular mortgage range has a minimum term of 5 years and a maximum of 40 years. Our Retirement Lifestyle Booster has different mortgage terms - the minimum age for applications is 60 and the maximum age at time of application is 79. The mortgage term is 10 years in all cases.