Owner occupier mortgages

We have a dedicated underwriting department which looks at each case on an individual basis. We don't credit score meaning we might find a mortgage for a client who has been turned down elsewhere, or whose circumstance may be a little different from the norm. We also offer Owner Occupier mortgages for Expats.

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We have a mortgage for all the family

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Our fixed rate mortgages offer your clients security of a fixed repayment amount throughout the length of their product term, giving them peace of mind when it comes to planning their finances each month.

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Variable Rate Mortgages

Our variable rate mortgages are discounted from our Managed Mortgage Rate for the duration of the product term.

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Base Rate Trackers

Our tracker mortgages track the Bank of England Bank Rate for the duration of the product term.

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Family Mortgages

We know many younger borrowers may only have a small deposit to put down on a property.

Our Family Mortgage brings wider family assets like savings and property as security into the mortgage calculation, allowing your clients to get a 95% LTV mortgage and get on the property ladder.

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Offset Mortgages

Our offset mortgages allow your client to deposit savings into an offset account linked to their mortgage, providing the option of term reduction or a reduced monthly payment. This may be suitable for those who are self employed or who have savings they'd like to put to better use.

Up to four Offset Saver accounts can be linked to an offset mortgage, perfect for family members to support your client if they wish.

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Retirement Lifestyle Booster

We know many retired clients reach a point in their life when they wish to make the most of money tied up in their home to enjoy life's luxuries.

Our Retirement Lifestyle Booster mortgage allows these clients to be able to release equity from their current property for regular monthly advances and an optional initial lump sum.

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