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We are committed to delivering flexible criteria and innovative products that help you make the most of your clients' circumstances, helping families work together, across generations, to achieve some of their lifetime financial goals.
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Family Building Society is a trading name of National Counties Building Society. We are committed to the highest standards and service for our intermediaries and borrowers.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority and are a member of the Building Societies Association.

We produce innovative products not available from other firms and we bring using a common sense approach to underwriting.

We've also been recognised with a variety of recent awards, such as

  • What Mortgage Awards 2020 - Best Guarantor/Assisted Mortgage Lender (Winner)
  • What Mortgage Awards 2020 - Best Offset Mortgage Lender (Highly Commended)
  • Moneyfacts Awards 2020 - Best No Notice Account Provider (Winner)
  • Moneyfacts Awards 2020 - Best Building Society Savings Provider (Highly Commended)
  • Moneyfacts Awards 2019 - Best Building Society Savings Provider (Highly Commended)
  • Moneyfacts Awards 2019 - Best No Notice Account Provider (Highly Commended)
  • Moneyfacts Awards 2019 - Mortgage Intermediaries Choice (Commended)
  • Moneywise Mortgage Awards 2019 - Best Lender for Older Borrowers
  • MoneyAge Awards 2018 - Shortlisted for Mainstream Mortgage Provider of The Year
  • MoneyAge Awards 2018 - Shortlisted for Building Society of The Year
  • What Mortgage Awards 2018 - Best Guarantor/Assisted Mortgage Lender
  • Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards 2018 - Mortgage Product Innovation: Medium to Large Lenders
  • Moneywise Mortgage Awards 2018 - 'Best Lender for First Time Buyers - with Family Support'
  • Moneywise Mortgage Awards 2018 - 'Best Lender for Older Borrowers'
  • …and many more

Intermediary Fees

See our full application fees structure for intermediaries and clients here, including owner occupier, Buy to Let and expat applications across our range of products.

You'll also be able to see all our intermediary procuration fees, including product switches and further advances, and mortgage club submissions, as well as how we pay these fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding Family Building Society services, products, criteria or processes? We may be able to answer your query before you take your next steps with us.

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Due Diligence

We understand there are times when you need to know just that little bit more about who we are and what we do. Here you'll find some useful pointers to help you find out more about us.

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Networks & Packagers

We understand broker networks and their important role in supporting independent intermediaries with the product offering available to their clients.

And if you're a mortgage packager, we're also keen to work closely with you to develop a partnership beneficial to you and your clients.

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