Our fees

See which fee structure is relevant to you and your client's mortgage, including application fees, valuation fees and procuration fees.

For our standard product fees, see our product pages or if you have any further questions, contact our Mortgage Desk or your BDM.

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Application and valuation fees

Our application fee includes £175 to process the application and a valuation fee. The valuation fee is based on the greater of the purchase price or value of the property. The application fee is payable on application and is non-refundable.

For our Owner Occupier products we offer a free valuation for property values up to £500,000. For property values above £500,000 a discount of £330 applies.

For our Buy to Let products the valuation fee is always payable.

Our application fee structure

Residential ValueOwner OccupierBuy to Let
£100,001 to £200,000£175£365
£200,001 to £300,000£175£411
£300,001 to £400,000£175£457
£400,001 to £500,000£175£508
£500,001 to £600,000£247£577
£600,001 to £700,000£317£647
£700,001 to £800,000£414£744
£800,001 to £900,000£511£841
£900,001 to £1,000,000£608£938
£1,000,001 to £1,250,000£747£1,077
£1,250,001 to £1,500,000£886£1,216
£1,500,001 to £1,750,000£1,025£1,355
£1,750,001 to £2,000,000£1,172£1,502
£2,000,001 to £2,500,000£1,320£1,650
£2,500,001 to £3,000,000£1,468£1,798
£3,000,001 to £3,500,000£1,695£2,025
£3,500,001 to £4,000,000£1,973£2,303
£4,000,001 to £4,500,000£2,250£2,580
£4,500,001 to £5,000,000£2,620£2,950

The Owner Occupier fees listed include our free or discounted valuation offer.

Product fees on larger loans, expat applications and Buy to Let Limited Companies

For Owner Occupier applications where the loan exceeds £500,000 the product fee will be 0.30% of the advance. For Buy to Let applications where the loan exceeds £500,000 the product fee will be 0.40% of the advance.

For Expat applications the product fee charged will be the standard product fee or large loan fee (whichever is higher).

For Buy to Let Limited Companies the product fee is 1.25% for loans up to £500,000 and 1.65% of the loan amount for loans above £500,000.

Procuration fees

Case typeSubmit direct to us*Submit via Mortgage Clubs
Owner Occupier mortgages (excl. offset & Family Mortgages)**0.40%, min £1800.42%, min £189
Owner Occupier offset mortgages (excl. Family Mortgages)0.50%, min £2250.52%, min £234
Family Mortgages0.55%, min £247.500.57%, min £256.50
Buy to Let mortgages0.50%, min £2250.52%, min £234
Product switches0.20%, no min0.22%, no min
Further advances0.25%, min £5.000.27%, min £5.40

*Directly authorised brokers submitting business to us directly
**Mortgage club will deduct 0.02%

You can also submit business via our packagers: Ingard, Manor Mortgages (inc. Manor Mortgages Direct), Complete FS, Platinum Options, Brightstar, TFC Homeloans (All Money Matters), Promise Solutions, Impact, Connect For Intermediaries, Dynamo, Positive Lending, RHL, Mortgages for Business, Rockhopper, Clever Lending, The Business Mortgage Company (TBMC), The Mortgage Trading Company and Crystal Specialist Finance. Procuration fees via these routes may vary.

Payment of procuration fees

Payments are made by cheque or BACSs, seven working days following completion. Cheques will be made payable to the intermediary firm and sent to the address registered with the Society.

If you are an appointed representative of a network or submit via a mortgage club, the payment will be made to these organisations, unless there are specific arrangements in place not to do so.

Any change of payment details or the registered address must be notified to the Society in writing. In cases where the introducer is an individual, the Society will declare details of the payments made when making its statutory return to the HM Revenue & Customs at the end of each tax year.