At Family Building Society we look at mortgages differently.

Our team of underwriters look at each case individually, so even if your client doesn't fit the conventional mould of the high street, it doesn't mean they can't get a mortgage with us.

An alternative to what's on the high street

Owner Occupier Mortgages

Whether your client is a first time buyer or looking to remortgage for the last time into their retirement, or somewhere in between, we have a mortgage to fit.

  • First time buyers? Try our Family Mortgage
  • Older borrowers? We lend up to age 95
  • Self-employed? We'll take a sensible view on their income
  • Need family support? We offer Joint Mortgage Sole Owner arrangements
  • Expat client? We lend to expats from over 35 countries
  • Armed forces client? We accept Forces Help to Buy.

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Buy to Let Mortgages

If your client is looking to invest in property or remortgage their Buy to Let property, we offer a range of fixed or variable rate mortgages.

Alternatively, if your Buy to Let client wants to make more of their savings and reduce the interest they're charged, our Offset Mortgages may be of interest.

We also offer Buy to Let mortgages on the following arrangements:

  • Limited Companies
  • Expats

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Product Switches & Further Advances

As your client's mortgage comes to the end of it's product term they may contact you to find out about their options. We are committed to offering your clients the same mortgages that are available to new borrowers in equivalent circumstances.

If your client requires additional capital to pay for property improvements or other purposes, we may also be able to offer a further advance.

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