Application and offer validity periods


Application validity

  • Applications for our on sale mortgage products will be valid for 3 months from application in order for you to secure a mortgage offer.

  • If a mortgage offer is not issued within the 3 month application validity period the application can continue however your client must select a new product from our mortgage range applying at that time.


Offer validity

  •  As soon as an application has been assessed by our underwriters, relevant documentation received and a property valuation carried out, we will make a formal mortgage offer. This offer is then valid for:
    • 3 months for a fixed rate product
    • 5 months for a variable rate product

What you can do to help us

Please ensure that when you make an application we receive all the information we need so that we can proceed to the offer as soon as possible. We recognise that some of your applicants’ stories are complicated, so the more information you give us at application the faster we can move to offer. You can find helpful guidance on our application checklists here.

If you have any questions or need guidance through the application process then please do not hesitate to contact your local BDM. If you don’t have a BDM in your area, you can contact our dedicated  Mortgage Desk.