Back to back (Remortgage - Ported)

Our standard acceptability

Not Acceptable

Criteria definition:

Back to back is typically where the vendor has owned the property for less than six months, or remortgages where they've owned the property for less than six months.

Back to back (Remortgage - Ported) 
indicates if we will accept applications where the customer has recently moved and ported their mortgage, their product has come to an end shortly after and they now wish to remortgage. For example, Jeff moved into his new property last month and ported his existing mortgage across so as to avoid an early repayment charge on his then-current mortgage. The current product, however, expires about a month after his move in date and so he would like to remortgage to a new lender in order to obtain a new product even though he has only been in the property for one month.

Policy Notes:

We do not accept back to back remortgages.

Criteria categories:
  • back to back transactions
  • Policy

Last updated:

29 August 2018