Age Limits: Maximum Age at End of Mortgage Term

Our standard acceptability


Criteria definition:

Indicates the absolute maximum age a Buy to Let lender will lend to. For instance, Chris is 55 years old and wants a Buy to Let mortgage term of 19 years which will mean he will be 74 when the mortgage finishes. ABC Bank have a maximum age of 75 years at the end of the mortgage term. It doesn't necessarily mean ABC Bank will give Chris a 19 year term - it simply indicates that if other criteria is met then this is the maximum they may be able to lend until.

In summary 'Lender max age at end of mortgage term' indicates the age a lender could potentially lend up to if you meet all required criteria.

Policy Notes:

This is the maximum age based on an 89 year old applying for a mortgage. The actual term for other ages depends on the age at application and the term we have from our term calulator available on our website.

Warning Notes:

Please note the actual maximum age depends on the age at application.

Criteria categories:
  • Age Limits
  • Applicant

Last updated:

29 August 2018