Discharged Bankrupt (years)

Our standard acceptability


Criteria definition:

Displays if a lender accepts discharged bankrupts on Buy to Let applications and if so how long a client has to have been discharged for. For example Mr Smith was made bankrupt 7 years ago and was discharged one year later so has been discharged for 6 years. ABC Bank accepts borrowers who have previously been made bankrupt so long as they have been discharged for at least 3 years. Mr Smith could therefore apply for a mortgage with ABC Bank.

Policy Notes:

We can consider discharged bankrupts as long as they have been discharged at least three years, have no subsequent adverse registered credit and can provide a satisfactory explanation. Please refer these for consideration prior to an application being submitted.

Criteria categories:
  • Adverse
  • IVAs and Bankruptcy

Last updated:

29 August 2018