The Family Mortgage

The principle behind the Family Mortgage is simple. We know many young people only have a small deposit to put down on a property and they miss out on most of the better mortgage rates.

Raising a deposit is bad enough for a first time buyer, but to get hold of a fair and reasonable rate when your deposit is only 5% can be equally frustrating. At the same time, families may have savings and property that could be used as security for a buyer.

The Family Mortgage brings these wider family assets into the mortgage calculation allowing the buyer to benefit from a fair and reasonable rate that may not be available from other lenders when faced with a 95% LTV.

3 Year Fixed Rate
2.89% TO 30/11/2021
Followed by our managed mortgage rate currently
Overall cost for comparison
5 Year Fixed Rate
2.99% TO 30/11/2023
Followed by our managed mortgage rate currently
Overall cost for comparison


Unique Features of the Family Mortgage

1. Security Account

Family members can provide security for the buyer's mortgage by depositing savings in a Security Account. This money acts as security for the mortgage and reduces the risk, so that we can offer a lower rate of interest than might otherwise be the case. This reduces the monthly payments for the buyer while savings continue to earn interest.

2. Security Through Property

Even if they don't have spare cash a family member can give a charge over some of the value in their property. By providing this security, the buyer could benefit from a more attractive rate which may not be available elsewhere to buyers with a 95% LTV.

3. Offset Account

Money from a family member can be placed in an Offset Account with us at the start of the mortgage. In doing this, they reduce the amount of the mortgage on which interest is charged by the amount held in that account. Instead of receiving interest on the savings (which may also be subject to tax), the benefit is passed onto the buyer by saving them interest on their mortgage. Money placed in an Offset Account also acts as security for the buyer's mortgage and reduces the risk, so that we can offer a lower rate of interest than might otherwise be the case.

4. View All Procuration Fees

Family Mortgage
  Gross fee paid Minimum fee
0.55% £247.50
0.57% £256.50
0.70% £315.00

The mortgage introductory fee is paid following completion.

For full details on our introductory fees, please click here.

 5. An Added Benefit - Unemployment Cover

As an additional benefit, the Family Building Society will meet a buyer's share of their mortgage repayments for up to six months, should they become unemployed through no fault of their own (subject to certain conditions).

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Click here to download the Family Mortgage brochure, view our lending criteria here, or click here for a product summary for our Family Mortgage.

If you're ready to submit an application, you will need to complete the below forms:
Family Mortgage application form
Family Mortgage summary application form

Depending on the security being provided you will need to complete one or more of the relevant forms below:
Details of property as security form
Family Security Account application form
Family Offset Account application form

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Family Mortgage

Lee and Nicole started looking to buy their first home whilst Lee was still training to be a teacher. Many mortgage providers didn’t consider the couple eligible because their joint income was too low while Lee was receiving a teacher in training wage.

The couple approached the high street lender Lee has been with since a young boy to get a mortgage directly, but they required a 15% deposit and the repayments were high. After struggling to find a mortgage on their own, Lee and Nicole decided to contact a mortgage broker, who suggested the Family Building Society. The adviser recommended the Family Mortgage as an opportunity for the couple to get on the property ladder.

The Family Mortgage meant Lee and Nicole could put down a low deposit and fix their mortgage at an attractive rate, two aspects that particularly appealed to them. With the help of their parents, they used the security through property option to secure their mortgage.

The couple said the structure of the Family Mortgage was "invaluable", allowing them to combine their deposit with their parent’s assets, to find “the best deal on the market” for them.