3.69% 5 year fixed rate for expats - XF0392

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Repayment Interest
3.69% 31/08/2026 5.14% 60% £125* £0 No Yes No
· Purpose - Expat product switch and further advance
· LTV - Maximum 60%
· *Application Fee - £125 for further advance. £0 for product switch
· Valuation Fees - £0
· Product Fee - £0
· Early Repayment Charges - 5% until 31/08/2022, 4% until 31/08/2023, 3% until 31/08/2024, 2% until 31/08/2025, 1% until 31/08/2026
· Maximum loan - No maximum. Loans above £500,000 should be referred to us for specific agreement before submission of an application
· Minimum loan - £2,000 for further advance. No minimum for product switches.
· Cost for comparison - 4.9% APRC
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Minimum Documents You'll Need From Your Client

All applicants

  • ID documents if the electronic check we carry out on the applicant fails
  • Applicants are required to have an existing UK mortgage. We carry out an electronic credit check on all applicants which may show the performance of these. If this fails to show their existing mortgage(s), 12 months proof of conduct is required. To speed up our underwriting, you can provide these on submission

Remortgage applicants

  • A copy of the existing / proposed tenancy agreement
  • Evidence of rent being paid in and mortgage being paid out (bank statements may already cover this)

Purchase applicants

  • Evidence of deposit in a UK account held by the applicant(s)
  • For gifted deposits, we require a signed gifted letter from the gift or plus evidence of funds in a UK account

Applicants with four or more mortgaged Buy to Let properties

Fees for this product

Further advance fees
· *Application Fee
- £125
· Valuation Fee - £0
· Product Fee - £0
· Legal Fees - £100 + disbursements

Procuration fees for further advances (gross fee paid)
· Directly authorised brokers submitting business to us directly - 0.25%, min £5.00 · Submitting a case via Mortgage Clubs - 0.27%, min £5.40 (Mortgage Clubs will deduct 0.02%)

Product switch fees
No fees apply to switch to a new product with us on the same terms.

Procuration fees for product switches (gross fee paid)
· Directly authorised brokers submitting business to us directly
- 0.20%, no min
· Submitting a case via Mortgage Clubs - 0.22%, no min (Mortgage Clubs will deduct 0.02%)

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