Find out more about the mortgage products we offer in Guernsey, look at how much we may be able to lend to your client or complete a DIP or KFI request here. If you have any questions about submitting an application, contact your dedicated BDM Michelle Parry-Bunter on 07387 040886 or email

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Mortgage affordability calculator

See how much your clients in Guernsey may be able to borrow by downloading our Guernsey affordability calculator. If you haven't used our calculator before, try these helpful tips:

  • Family Mortgage: This option should only be ticked 'yes' if it’s specifically on the Family Mortgage Product.
  • Interest Only: This option should only be selected if it is a short term (i.e. 10 years or less) interest only mortgage where the repayment vehicle has no associated cost, most commonly downsizing.
  • 5 Year Fixed Rate: For this option, you only need to input the pay rate if the product selected is fixed for five years or more. In such circumstances the assessment rate is pay rate.
  • Retired and 65+: Selecting this option applies the reduced Social Security contributions applicable to such applicants.
Download our Guernsey Affordability Calculator
DIP and KFI request forms

Take the next step and submit an online DIP or KFI request form for your client. With all our requests we will email you a response within two working days and is valid for the following 14 days.

Borrowers must be aged 18 years or over and to comply with legislation the Society will need to confirm identity prior to completion of the mortgage. Details of the identification needed will be supplied on request. Loans are subject to valuation and status. Additional security may be required for our Family Mortgage.