Mortgage Eligibility - Buy to Let

By completing this mortgage eligibility form you're supplying information which will help us to provide an estimation of how much your client might be eligible to borrow. An estimation does not reserve funds for any specific product. A response will be emailed back to you, normally within two business working days and is valid for the following 14 days.

Please note that the property to be mortgaged must be located in England or Wales. We do not lend in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

We must be satisfied that the borrower is able to demonstrate a current track record (minimum 12 months) for either mortgage or rent payments. If not fully conversant with the lettings market and a landlord's responsibilities, a professional managing agent must be appointed for the letting. Borrowers must be either gainfully employed or have investment, pension or other income. Proof of income may be required.

We have a Buy to Let Decision Tree aimed at helping you decide whether your client's application is for a Buy to Let or a Consumer Buy to Let mortgage. Please click here to view this. 

Intermediaries Mortgage Eligibility Form - Buy to Let
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Applicant One
Has your client ever:
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Will all the borrowers own the property?
If no, the case will be assessed under our JMSO criteria and will be referred to our Underwriting team before an application can be submitted.

Please provide the following details in the additional information section at the bottom of this form:

* The name of the owning borrower(s) of the property
* The relationship between the owning borrower(s) and non-owning borrower(s)
* Does the non-owning borrower(s) have a mortgage elsewhere
* If so, what is the value outstanding?
Property Details
If the answer is No, we cannot proceed
Mortgage Details
Fixed rate products are available for ex-pat applicants.
Please ensure that you print this page now before you press to submit the form if you would like to keep a record of the information you're submitting to us as we're unable to email you the customer's details due to data protection.

We use and retain details about you and your clients to check for eligibility, provide KFIs, calculate affordability, for research or analysis, to keep you updated with our products and services, and to respond to your enquiries. To find out more, you can read our privacy policy.