Frequently Asked Questions

As well as the questions below, we've created a series of videos on our most frequently asked questions. See the questions our Business Development Managers answer by viewing them on our dedicated videos page.

Are you compliant with the Mortgage Credit Directive?

Yes we're compliant with the legislation that came into effect on 21 March 2016. Click here for the important information you need to know.

How do you support guarantor mortgages?

We support this idea by offering guarantor mortgages which enable us to consider parents’ or family members’ income to help with affordability on applications. If the parent or family member already has a mortgage or other credit commitments, these will be taken into consideration when calculating the affordability. The guarantor will need to complete a separate application form as part of the process. Our mortgages are considered subject to full underwriting and meeting our lending criteria. Prior to completion of the loan, the guarantor must obtain independent legal advice from a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer. This person may either be a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer from the firm that is acting in the loan completion but is not the same person acting on behalf of the borrowers.

What are your USPs?

We have a number of USPs and have created this leaflet for you to download and use.

Do you have a pre-registration process?

We do not have any time consuming pre-registration processes. If you have not submitted business to us before, we will register you once we have received your full details in our application forms.

Are you paper-based for intermediary applications?

We are currently paper-based for all intermediary applications and these should be returned to:

The Family Building Society
Ebbisham House
30 Church Street
KT17 4NL

Please be aware that in order for us to begin processing your application we must receive a fully completed application form with wet ink signatures and the full processing fee.

Do you have any postcode restrictions?

No, we can consider properties for lending located throughout England and Wales. However, we are unable to consider properties located in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Do you credit score or credit check?

We credit check as part of our manual underwriting process.

What are your maximum term guidelines?

What is your minimum property value purchase price?

£120,000 for our owner occupier and buy to let mortgages, with the exception of our Retirement Lifestyle Booster.

For the Retirement Lifestyle Booster, if your client is mortgage free the minimum property value is £240,000. If your client is also using the Retirement Lifestyle Booster to repay their existing mortgage, the minimum property value is £180,000. 

What is your minimum loan amount?

£45,000 for our owner occupier and buy to let mortgages, with the exception of our Retirement Lifestyle Booster.

For the Retirement Lifestyle Booster if your client is mortgage free the minimum loan amount is £60,000 which gives a monthly payment of £500 per month for 10 years. If your client is also using the Retirement Lifestyle Booster to repay their existing mortgage the minimum loan amount is £45,000. The minimum amount that can be used for income is £30,000. This gives a monthly payment of £250 per month for 10 years.

What does "free legals" mean? 

Please note that if your client's mortgage product offers free legals, there's no further charge for carrying out the legal work. It's important that you and your client appreciate that as the inhouse legal team is employed by the Society, it cannot act for your client or give them any specific legal advice with regard to the mortgage. If you and/or your client are either unclear or unhappy about the implications of this approach, please fee free to contact us. To help us process your client's mortgage as quickly as possible, your client's solicitor must be registered with the Society's solicitor panel, LMS. They're able to apply online:


Up to what age can you take into account employed and self-employed income?

We can consider taking into account employed and self-employed income up until the age of 70. However, please be aware that where the mortgage term requested is taking an employed applicant to beyond the age of 65, we will seek written confirmation from their employer that they will be able to work beyond this age.

What procuration fees do you pay?

Please see our Introductory Fees. We pay them 7 working days after completion.

How and when do you pay application fees?

The application fee is required before we start processing an application. Please either confirm card details on the appropriate page of the application form or attach a cheque when submitting the application form. The cheque should be made payable to The Family Building Society.

The application fee to be paid includes a valuation fee, which is based on the greater of the purchase price or value of the property, and £175 to process the application. Please review our lending criteria for details of our current application fee scale. Some products may include discounted application fees, so please refer to our individual product summaries for details.

Do you have any increased completion fees?

We have increased completion fees for lending above £500,000. Please note that all loans for more than £500,000 will need to obtain a special agreement from our Mortgage Desk.

We also have increased completion fees of 1.25% which apply to ex-patriate cases in addition to any other completion or up front product fees which may apply. Please be aware that where the potential advance is for an ex-patriate for over £500,000, then both completion fees will apply in addition to any other standard completion fees.

Please see our Introductory Fees

What documents do I need to submit with an application?

We have an application submission check list in all our application forms.

What is your Buy to Let criteria?

What forms are required in addition to the application form?

Please be aware that where there is any element of interest-only borrowing or where the term applied for will take the applicants above the age of 65, then we will require interest-only and mortgage in retirement forms to be completed which you can find within the Additional Forms section of our Forms page.

Under what circumstances will you not consider an applicant?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and individual approach to our underwriting. However, there are a few occasions when it’s not possible to consider an applicant:

Repayment of tax or gambling debts
Borrowers who have impaired credit
Borrowers who have utilised ‘payday’ lenders
Borrowers seeking to consolidate over five credit cards
Borrowers seeking to consolidate debts accumulated with sub-prime or non-mainstream mortgage lenders or non-mainstream credit card providers
Borrowers seeking to raise capital for debt consolidation for more than 20% of the property value, or where the main purpose of the loan is debt consolidation i.e. where more than 49% of the monies being raised are to consolidate existing debts.